About Us

What is [re]chic?

re-chic /re-sheek/

1. pertaining to a chic style and casual elegance
2. to bring back to style or to reimagine new styles
Handcrafted goods and original designs  with a flair for the upcycled and chic.
The [re]chic brand is both a craft and a style.
Our craft is to repurpose, redesign, refurbish and reimagine fresh new pieces.
Our style is chic.
Look for the [re] in product descriptions to learn how our items are uniquely [re]chic.


About the Owners

rechic about image

Meet Steph and Christine, the owners of [re]chic. Friends since college, Steph and Christine have always enjoyed working creatively together – doing craft projects, scouting out yard sale deals, or looking for treasures at local antique stores. From this passion and their backgrounds in business, they started a brand dedicated to their love of chic design and upcycled goods. In 2015 [re]chic was officially launched. Steph and Christine are always looking out for fresh new styles and the next best way to bring something old, new life again.

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